Tarot Reading with Pea

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Tarot reading is a form of cartomancy and is a spiritual guide tool to provide you with insights and clarity on your situation. I call upon angels, spirit guides and the Universe to provide guidance intuitively through messages from the deck. However, the ultimate decision and any changes in your path lies in your hands. Tarot reading is not fortune-telling and I will not be able to predict a timeline for you. It might not be sunshine and rainbows all the time so be prepared to hear the hard truth, if necessary. 

I do not use any specific spread during read. I do readings intuitively and different tarot and oracle decks will be used during the reading. There is no limit on the number of cards I pull to gain clarity to your question. Price is reserved for one aspect that you want to gain insights on (work, relationship, spirituality, health, general). 

Upon receiving your order, you will be contacted via Whatsapp so do make sure the number you've entered in the Special Instructions section is accurate! I will provide you with a timeline on delivery of reading upon receiving your queries. Do note that the more open you are with me, the clearer the messages will be. If I feel that the cards are being vague, I will ask more questions to get a better understanding of the read as well. This is a no-judgment zone and everything shared is confidential. 

*Any matters surround health, death and legality issues will be turned away. If you are unsure, please drop me a DM (@moonaura.sg) to see if your queries will be accepted. I reserve the right to turn away requests. Tarot reading is not a substitute for professional advice or treatment.