November 11, 2018

Decoding crystals and the magic behind them

By Pearlyn Neo
Decoding crystals and the magic behind them

I have always been surrounded by crystals when I was a kid and I can't help it but feel the magnetized pull towards it every time I see one, be it a rock, on an accessory or even a picture on a book. I feel the draw to it and there's this familiarity that arises in me. Perhaps it reminds me of my childhood - my parents always had beautiful crystals around the house. 

As a kid, I have always been the eccentric one. I now blame it on my Aquarius personality! I asked for first set of tarot crds when I was nine and kept a 'spell book'. I really mean a black notebook with the words 'SPELL BOOK' written in gold on the front. I felt myself a rather fancy witch. I wore amethyst and rose quartz bracelets without knowing what they were for but I know I was drawn to them. I now know its really more than that. Amethyst is my birth stone and rose quartz is still one of my favorite stone to date. I had a path to take and this is it. 

My fascination with crystals began to grow but it was purely out of aesthetics reasons at first. I love how they look; all colorful and sparkly. Some had hidden rainbows and flashes that just got my magpie-heart. I only began seriously working with them when I was bit older. I would peruse books and websites; pour over pages of information and learn about as many crystal names as I could possibly fit into my brain. 

Naturally, I would also buy as many as I could afford. Big ones, small ones, raw ones. I wanted them all. Over time, amidst my collection, I found some that I was drawn to. I felt their vibrations stronger than most and could feel myself naturally wanting to hold them, mediate with them and just be around them. I allowed myself to learn how to work with their properties by being more self-aware and conscious of my own thoughts. I begin to learn why I was attracted to some by learning their properties. Being raised in a typical Asian household, self-love was something I had to be consciously aware about and learn that from scratch. It was a long arduous journey, but one thats worth it. 

I like to tell people - buying a rose quartz and holding it will not bring you love. I call them my magic beans but they are so much more than that. Properties of the love stone includes self-love and compassion. This is where love should originate from. Loving yourself and being kind to yourself. Ever stand in front of a mirror and beat yourself up over flaws? We've all done that. When you feel love towards yourself, you generally generate a confidence and carry an aura that people will naturally be attracted to. That's how you attract love. By loving yourself first. 

Each crystal has its own energy but if you try to work with too many at once, you will feel overwhelmed. That's what I realized. Don't expect magic to happen overnight and the healing journey happens slowly. Work with the ones you're magnetized to and listen to that one that seems to call your name. Learn their properties and why you're attracted to them. Maybe you are in need of some emotional healing or maybe you want some protection over unwanted ill intent. You will start to realize which you're drawn to and which you're not ready for. Are you ready to begin your journey?