Care & Repair Services

Cleansing your pieces:
1. Cleansing your pieces metaphysically can be done by
  • placing your pieces on a selenite plate
  • cleansing with sage or palo santo
  • charge them by placing them on your window sill (be careful tho!) on full moon's night or sunning them. Please feel free to DM me if you're unsure!
2. If pieces are caught in water, gently pat dry them. Moisture can trap dirt and debris between the beads and wiring/elastic. You can use a spoolie/small pin/toothpick and gently cleanse the dirt away. Be gentle with the pieces as some beads don't like too much pressure on them!
Here are a few ways you can clean your jewelry pieces:
  • Using a dry paper towel or a lint-free cloth, gently clean the surface.
  • To get into the nooks and crannies, you may use a bobby pin wrapped with the towel/cloth and lightly pick up any debris. Do not rush through this step. Be careful with the elastic thread/wire used.
    Repairing your pieces: 
    Crystal can absorb energy and combined with wear and tear, sometimes, it breaks! For pieces that break apart, I highly recommend cleansing before repairing and I do that FOC when you send it back! If item needs to be sent back due to my fault (e.g. clasp is faulty or resizing is wrong on my end), all shipping will be FOC too. 
    Product Repair Fee Shipping Fee
    Elastic Bracelet Yes



    Wired Bracelet Yes $5 $3.90
    Necklace Yes $10 $3.90
    Earrings Yes $5 $3.90
    Items will be cleansed and put back together with plenty of love and good vibes before sending it back to you. 
    Drop us a DM on Instagram with:
    • Name
    • Order number OR email used if your cannot remember your order number!
    and I will get back to you!