• A Mindful Space

    A Mindful Space
    Mindful Space is made to acknowledge the crazy, the gratitude the ins and outs of your life; to be mindful of your own intentions and create more awareness in your life.
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  • 5 Benefits of Essential Oils

    5 Benefits of Essential Oils
    Essential oils have been around for years and there's a reason for it. With their antidepressant, stimulating, detoxifying, antibacterial and even calming properties, they are gaining popularity as a natural and safe therapy. With benefits that are vast, EO can be used from aromatherapy, household cleaning products to personal beauty care.
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  • Cleansing your crystals

    Cleansing your crystals
    Cleansing and charging your crystals allow them to be rid of negative energy and tune its frequency to its intended purpose. It's important to do this on a regular basis to make sure that your energies are not thrown out of whack!
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