October 04, 2022

MoonAura's First Pop-Up!

By Pearlyn Neo
MoonAura's First Pop-Up!

It's a small dream of mine to always have a small store and get to meet and interact with each one of you. When Pris from HeyHappyPuff told me about SundaySocial Market x Funan pop-up, I signed up for it a mere 16 days away from the event. I really liked that it was a pet-friendly event, coupled with it being a one-day thing!

I never done a pop-up before so set-up and items to bring were my top 2 to-figure-out! With the help of social media and just getting ideas from here and there, I developed an idea on how I want the space to look like. Cosy, very bohemian with lotsa colors and scents. 

Getting down to churning out items was a challenge but definitely a challenge I welcomed. The pressure helped with the creative spur I needed to make sure i brought down enough items for that day. With the help of many, I cannot believe this is done and dusted. 

I really wanted you to be able to see certain items irl and fall in love with it. 

I also wanted to showcase the magic behind these tarot brands I carry which can be found here. I am so glad some of you managed to bring these home!

Of course, I had to bring down my beloved P.F Candle products and let the scents swoon you for yourself! I even manage to showcase the seasonal and Christmas specials that are limited in edition. There's always a reason to light a candle. It immediately calms me down and sets the mood. 

I am so happy with these organic images taken by the photographer that day! I didn't really got a chance to take more pics and these are just beautiful.

I am so glad for each and everyone of you who made your way down, be it to purchase something or even just to say hi! I am so so grateful and this means the world to a small business. The event was a little tricky to get to because of its accessibility but thankfully, the weather held up so nice that day. 

Thank you for supporting a small dream of mine. To more beautiful and mindful creations, and definitely more future pop-ups!