Handmade Natural Incense

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Indulge in our Herbs Artisan Handmade Incense! Each stick offers a serene 40-50-minute burn, elevating your space with delightful fragrances and sacred energies. Multiple burns per stick, easily extinguish and relight. Can also be used as a smudge tool to easily cleanse energies of spaces and belongings!

Content: Each box contains 9 sticks that are 7" long
Duration: Each stick burns for 45-50 min

Sagrada Madre incense are not just incense; they are handcrafted vessels of tranquility, offering an hour of immersive aromatic delight in every burn. They honor Mother Earth with sustainability, and fair work practices. With them, your journey transcends mere fragrance—it's a conscious step toward holistic living and mindful well-being.

Lavender Flowers and Olibanum (Frankincense)
Lavender and Frankincense have ancient roots, known for purifying spaces and neutralizing negativity. Lavender's balancing properties harmonize spaces, while Olibanum attracts positive energies, creating a powerful protector with a soothing aroma.

White Sage
Highly valued for its mystical healing and spiritual protection, White Sage's smoke purifies environments, fostering peace and abundance, especially in commercial spaces.

Roses and Olibanum (Frankincense)
Rose Incense, known as the "gateway to the sacred," brings energetic cleansing and serenity. This sacred resin blend accompanies meditation and ceremonies, fostering peace.

Cinnamon, Anise and Olibanum  (Frankincense)
Ruled by the sun, energy of life, love and transformation, creating a new rebirth of evolution and spirituality, bringing light to our inner and outer path.

Chamomile attracts abundance, peace, love and tranquility, calendula symbolizes passion and creativity and frankincense is a great natural purifier. Combined, they harmonize consciousness, raise vibration and strengthen our inner power by releasing rays of love, which generate auras of protection, contentment and happiness.

Never leave incense burning unattended, use a fireproof base.
Always ventilate rooms sufficiently - before and after burning incense.

Sagrada Madre is a family business dedicated to offering natural incense and smudging products. They work with Mother Earth through the conscientious use of ecological products while maintaining the sustainability of resources and fair trade at all levels.