Bracelet: Confidence + Purpose + Success

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This piece was inspired by Lana Del Rey's song, 'Wildflower Wildfire' and the entire combination just appeared in my mind and I had to bring it to life. Wildflowers are known for their strength because they can grow in cracks and barren spaces. Like a wildfire spreading, it can flourish and endure through tough times and conditions. I thought the crystals' properties came together beautifully with the whole meaning behind this piece. Tiger's Eye to bring you these opportunities in tough times and Pyrite to protect against any conditions you might face. Wildflowers have many purpose including improving soil health to ensure that crops can grow healthily, and with the grounding Silver Leaf Jasper, it brings about purpose and balance in your life.

Tiger's Eye: Confidence + clarity of intentions + new opportunities

Silver Leaf Jasper: Balance + Purpose + Grounding

Pyrite: Wealth + Success + Protection


14K Gold-filled components
14K Gold-plated components




All crystals have been cleansed before it gets sent out. Each piece of crystal is hand-sourced and as it is made of natural materials, slight cracks and chips are to be expected as they are all natural formation. No two pieces are the same; be it width, length, height, or shape