Bracelet: Motivation + Peace + Emotional Balance

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This piece brought my straight back to my childhood with Bubble Yum Bubblegum. I remember getting really excited whenever we enter JB with my parents. A car trip, noisy questions and getting hyped over the idea of buying bubblegum. It was always a day filled with fun and just spending some time together as a family. 

Ruby: Passion + motivation

Lepidolite: Peace + tranquility

Pink Peruvian Opal (Matte): Emotional balance + Sense of love/peace/hope

Rhodonite: Balance emotions + increase self-assurance


14K Gold-filled components
14K Gold-plated components




All crystals have been cleansed before it gets sent out. Each piece of crystal is hand-sourced and as it is made of natural materials, slight cracks and chips are to be expected as they are all natural formation. No two pieces are the same; be it width, length, height, or shape