Bracelet: Patience + Break Negative Patterns + New Beginnings

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This piece was inspired by Taylor Swift's song 'Carolina'; especially the lyrics 'And she's in my dreams / Into the mist, into the clouds'. This song is haunting and I think that describes the colors and properties of the bracelet pretty well. With Iolite to break negativity and come out of it, with grey moonstone to aid in new beginnings. It is as though one is coming out of a dark period and seeing light. It is misty and foggy, and everything seems surreal and dream-like but once you get the courage to achieve, your patience will be rewarded. 

Blue Fluorite: Patience + Faith + Respect

Aquamarine: Courage + self-expression

Grey Moonstone: Growth + New beginnings

Iolite: Reduce blockages + break negative patterns


14K Gold-filled components
14K Gold-plated components




All crystals have been cleansed before it gets sent out. Each piece of crystal is hand-sourced and as it is made of natural materials, slight cracks and chips are to be expected as they are all natural formation. No two pieces are the same; be it width, length, height, or shape