Potion Jar

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The mystical essence of ancient Egypt lies encapsulated within this enchanting potion jar. Crafted from exquisite translucent glass, it mimics the form of a traditional Egyptian perfume bottle, with graceful curves and a slender neck that tapers into a stopper. Adorned with intricate hieroglyphic motifs, each delicate line tells a forgotten tale of alchemy and sorcery.

The bottle's surface shimmers with a radiant opalescent sheen, casting an ethereal glow when touched by the faintest ray of light. The mesmerizing hues range from iridescent blues and purples to golden flecks reminiscent of desert sands. Embellishing its majestic presence, gilded accents of gleaming gold leaf accentuate the bottle's ornate patterns, creating a striking contrast against the vivid glass.

Whether treasured as a collector's item or revered as a potent source of magical elixirs, this ancient artifact stands as a testament to the enduring mystique of Egypt's ancient civilization. This beautiful potion jar is perfect to charge and store moon / sun water or your oils.

15cm without cap / 19cm with cap
Made in Egypt