Crystal Grid: Love and Happiness

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A crystal grid is a shape made of crystals that amplify each other to support something in a person’s life. The grid represents crystals of compatible and connected energies, to amplify the intentions and properties. Grids can be used to attract or manifest properties such as abundance or love, to rid negativity and promote calm and peace in one's environment. 

This particular grid focuses on love and happiness. It is meant to manifest joy and love through communication and self-expression. You can choose to lay the grid flat or hang it up afterwards. 


Directions and more explanation on how to activate the grid will be provided to you with your grid. 


Focus stone - purpose is to gather, focus and amplify to channel into the grid: Rose Quartz

Way Stones - acts as a pump in a water system and amplify/modify the flow: Clear Quartz, Aquamarine, Kunzite and Citrine

Desire Stones - gather energy and fed with focused and amplified energy: Moonstone and Pink Opal

*This grid has been reiki-charged to magnify their highest potential and is energetically protected by 4 amethyst pieces at each corner. Crystal grid can be cleansed with envisioning of white light or smudging periodically. 


White wood frame (6x6 inches). Frame is able to stand on its own. Comes with attached rope at the back for optional hanging.