Daily Rituals Oracle Deck

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The calming, nature-based goddess images on these cards invite you to begin your day by pulling a card that includes a message from the goddess, a mantra, and a ritual to create a mindfulness practice to transform your life through Daily Ritual.

This immersive 36-card deck of goddesses has been created to help you bring intention and ritual into your day. Each goddess carries her own message, mantra, and ritual that you can connect to and practice with mindfulness and intention. The goddesses will help elevate your daily routines into rituals and create mindfulness practices out of the mundane.

Each card contains a manta (affirmation), a message, and a ritual you can connect with to practice mindfulness and intention. The message will provide you with guidance; the affirmations is for you to repeat as you like; and the ritual practice you can do each day to brings the card's intention to life.

Place your card somewhere around your house or workspace where you'll see it most - it's your visual reminder of the day's ritual practice. This beautiful set really is a unique combination of affirmation cards meets oracle deck.


- Gold foiled edges on cards

- 12.7cm x 9cm

- 80 page guide book to talk you through your rituals, mantras and messages for each card

- Guidance on a few ways to use the oracle cards

- Keepsake sturdy box

- Printed on FSC 100 responsibly sourced paper 

Published by Rockpool Publishing. Designed in Australia. Made in China.