Earrings: Beam of Light Earrings

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The intention behind this special piece is as simple and straightforward as its name: it is a beam of light to lighten up your life right this moment in time.

This design has been brought to life to remind you that you are the light of your soul. The shape of the earrings reminds of a gate, a portal through which the light emanates.

Take this as a reminder that you carry within all that you need – hope and light.

These earrings carry each a Crystal Quartz, the biggest we ever had in a design. Crystal quartz is considered the ‘master healer’ of the crystal kingdom. Crystal Quartz will amplify whatever energy or thought is programmed into it, as well as intensify the effect of other crystals. It continues to broadcast that energy into the world and other realms. This can be stimulating the fulfillment of one’s prayers, intensifying spiritual growth, or simply allowing the crystal to hold a pattern of energy strongly enough for the realization of a goal to occur. It absorbs, stores, releases, and regulates energy and supports attunement to the higher self. 

Our world has been wandering through a time of genuine darkness. What the world needs is more people that shine their light and lightness that inherently sits within us all. 

If you are feeling low, wear this piece as a reminder and touchstone for what you need for yourself to stay on track, to see, and nurture your ability and strength to stay positive throughout challenging times.

Each piece of jewelry has been blessed in a Balinese ceremony.


  • Materials: 22kt Gold Plated Recycled / 925 Sterling Silver, Clear Quartz
  • Full Earring Length: 3.2 cm | Hoop Diameter:  1.18 cm 
  • Pendant Dimension: 2.5 cm x 1.17 cm