Earrings: Jean

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Agate, part of the chalcedony family, comes from many parts of the world. Alashan Agate, from Inner Mongolia, is highly prized for its varied colors. Wearing agate welcomes positivity and allows you to see things in a new perspective. It also brings about peace and calmness in your heart. 

Phosphosiderite: Aids stress + anxiety-relief + Calm

Herkimer Diamond: Attunement + Balance + Amplification



14K Gold-filled components
14K Gold-plated components



Length: 2.5"

All crystals have been cleansed before it gets sent out. Each piece of crystal is hand-sourced and as it is made of natural materials, slight cracks and chips are to be expected as they are all natural formation. No two pieces are the same; be it width, length, height, or shape