Zoom Moon Mist
Zoom Moon Mist
Zoom Moon Mist

Moon Mist


A cleansing smudge mist are made with the purest of intentions; with a purpose to purify, protect and cleanse your crystals and space. Moon-charged water infused with rainbow moonstones, the moonstones gently restoring and guiding your heart. Infused with palo santo with a hint of eucalyptus, these smudge mists are great for using to wipe down crystals that need a good physical cleaning as well. Use with soft linen, or microfiber cloth after misting to add the shine back. 

Each small-batch mists are hand-poured with moon-charged water and will be made available in small batches to ensure that your moon-water is fresh and filled with the best energy available. 


  • Moon-charged distilled water
  • Rainbow moonstones (tumble stones)
  • Palo Santo Essential Oil
  • Eucalyptus Radiata Essential Oil
  • 50ml

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